New Words 2012

Tractors and Pearls

Haworth Hodgkinson performs poetry from his new book in musical settings


Saturday 15 September 2012
7pm – 9pm

Review by
Colin Edwards

Syllavethy Gallery, Montgarrie [Map]

Admission by donation

Haworth Hodgkinson is a poet whose work takes him way beyond the printed page. An experienced collaborator with performers from many disciplines, he understands that poetry can be enhanced when it is combined sensitively with music, dance and visual images.

This event is part of a tour in which he and John Mackie are launching new collections from Malfranteaux Concepts, established in recent years as Aberdeen's leading poetry publisher.

But this will be much more than a book launch. Haworth's Tractor Bastard, a sequence of twenty poems beginning in geological time, taking a tour of the seasons in Northern Scotland, then departing in cosmological time, will be presented in the context of his own specially composed music played on a range of wind and percussion instruments.

The evening will include a showing of Roller Ghoster, a video by Fiona Soe Paing and Zennor Alexander inspired by the painting by Heather Wilson that appears on the cover of Haworth's book. This painting is currently on show as part of an exhibition of Heather Wilson's work at Syllavethy Gallery.

Haworth Hodgkinson

Haworth Hodgkinson is a poet and playwright, composer and improvising musician, whose work often involves collaboration with other writers, musicians, dancers and visual artists, as well as solo performances combining poetry and music. He works as a poet and musician with the multimedia Blue Salt Collective, and is the founding director of North-East Scotland's New Words festival of new writing in performance.


Tractor Bastard, Haworth Hodgkinson's second collection, contains twenty poems selected from his recent solo shows.

"Witty, wry, surreal and biting by turns, Haworth Hodgkinson's writing and performances stand out from the crowd. With their offbeat glimpsing, his poems press reality's Refresh button. Haworth is a rare poet with a unique style. To see the world anew, enquire within." (Eddie Gibbons, poet)

"What amazes me about Haworth's poetry is the breadth of his imagination. He emblazons the everyday with extraordinary meaning from quirky quips in Cows to the lyrical depth and beauty of A Dozen Words for Fog to the haunting tone of Stone to Ice. His poetry embraces nature in all its forms whether comical, sinister, beautiful or surreal. These poems will resonate with us long after the page has been turned." (Catriona Yule, poet)

Tractor Bastard

Fiona Soe Paing

Fiona Soe Paing is an Aberdeenshire electronica producer/vocalist, and works in collaboration with New Zealand based animation artist Zennor Alexander. As Colliderscope their audio-visual work has been broadcast and screened internationally, and audio releases have included a Sound of The World compilation on Warner Music. The four track EP Songs from No Man's Land was released in 2010, and a new EP, Tower of Babel is to be released soon on Edinburgh's Black Lantern Music.


Roller Ghoster is an animated music video with music by Fiona Soe Paing and animation by Zennor Alexander. The video and music were inspired by images from the painting by Heather Wilson No Man's Land, which Heather in turn created as a response to Fiona's No Man's Land music album, for the Art at The Lemon Tree exhibition in Aberdeen in 2011. Heather's painting suggested a theme of the cycles of death and rebirth, and was re-interpreted in the video as the "ride of your life" — part roller coaster, part ghost train. The video forms part of Fiona's audio-visual performance No Man's Land combining projected animation, electronica soundtrack and live vocals, and was created with support from Creative Scotland.

Roller Ghoster

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