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New Words 2010

InTensions & Bodytext

Two collaborative works from Sue Hawksley's Articulate Animal


Saturday 16 October 2010
7.30pm – 9pm

Woodend Barn, Banchory [Map]

Admission £9 (concessions £7)


An exploration of connections, patterns and in-betweens. The dancer's journey and interaction reveal layers of sound, stories and voices tensioned by the forces of horror and hope, which weave through the soundscape, bridge the space and pattern her bodyscape.

Choreographer: Sue Hawksley
Dancer: Skye Reynolds
Music and sound-design: Barney Strachan and Nik Paget-Tomlinson

The initial R&D for this work was made possible through choreographic residency support from Dance Base, Edinburgh.


Bodytext is a performance work which uses speech, movement and the body, to question and offer insight into the relations between movement, agency, representation and language.

Using real-time motion capture, voice recognition and interpretive language systems, the dancer's movement and speech are acquired and remediated within the performance space. The dancer's acquired speech is re-written within a projected digital display, the text animated by and re-presenting the performer's gestures. The performer can, through their movements, cause texts to interact and recombine with one another, changing their grammatical composition in the projection.

Visual Artist: Simon Biggs
Choreographer/performer: Sue Hawksley
Sound Artist: Garth Paine

Bodytext was completed through an artists' residency at the Bundanon Trust (Australia) and a subsequent collaborative residency with sound artist Garth Paine at the Virtual Interactive Performance Research Environment (VIPRe) Lab at the University of Western Sydney.

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