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Review: Dumb Show

Poet, sound artist and light manipulator pick at the incomplete meanings of modern life


Thursday 9 September 2010

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The Coffee House, Aberdeen [Map]

Dumb Show

David Liddell, Knotbrook Taylor and Anton Beaver

Photo by E. E. Chandler

Dumb Show

Projection by Anton Beaver

Photo by E. E. Chandler

The Dumb Show was a powerful exploration of life, death and sex, lots of sex, filtered through the intensely powerful poetry of Knotbrook Taylor, sound effects, radio voices, robot voices, sampling and guitar from David Liddell with Anton Beaver's stunning visual images projected on the roof throughout the show.

Knotbrook, a compelling performer, declaimed his poems, a tumbling of imagery and ideas with dramatic use of repetition, especially in the poem describing the aftermath of a car crash.

‘Scraping it off, scraping it off.’ ‘He looked like a lady lying in the road.’ ‘Our children become us, we are our children.’

These lines resounded in my head after the show.

Knotbrook's work runs the full spectrum of emotions from sadness to angst and anger and really lends itself to this kind of show.

The use of both Knotbrook and Liddell's voices worked really well in Cape Cod v Thanatos, where they took alternate verses; Liddell's use of an American accent was really effective here.

The show dissected the world of internet dating, a youth's fear of intimacy, tattooed females and a whole lot more, with lots of thought provoking words, images and sounds. This was a highly enjoyable performance which really left us with something to think about.

Mark Pithie

David Liddell and Knotbrook Taylor

Photo by E. E. Chandler

David Liddell and Knotbrook Taylor

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