New Words 2011

Speaking in Tongues

The who, why and where of writing monologues, with Cal Wallace


Wednesday 21 September 2011
7.30pm – 9.30pm

Ford of Clatt, Clatt [Map]

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Monologues — by their very nature — are often the most immediate and powerful type of writing. However their composition can be challenging. In this practical workshop, fiction writer Cal Wallace explores the basic requirements for crafting stand-alone pieces; how to devise plausible situations, believable characters, and how to give them voice to deliver their rants, diatribes, soliloquies or sermons.

Cal Wallace

Cal Wallace wrote The Cat Sat on the Mat at the age of five. Accusations of plagiarism quickly ensued and his crayons were confiscated. After decades of therapy he resumed his writing ambitions, creating many fine stories. His first collection, The Man with the Silver Eye, was published in 2010 by Blue Salt Publishing.

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