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Sunday 8 March 2009
Migvie Church, Tarland

Poetry with Sheena Blackhall and Gerard Rochford

Sunday 8 March 2009
Left Bank, Tarland

Poetry with Kenneth Steven and Douglas W. Gray

Monday 23 March 2009
Station Hotel, Stonehaven

Writing Workshop with Magi Gibson

Friday 27 March 2009
Salmon Bothy, Portsoy

Viking Poetry: Ian Crockatt's Skald

Sunday 29 March 2009
Brander Library, Huntly

Renga Workshop with Colin Will

Wordfringe Spring Events
March 2009

Scottish Book Trust

Wordfringe presents a series of literary events across Aberdeenshire with the support of the Scottish Book Trust Live Literature scheme


Magi Gibson
Ian Crockatt

In the lead-up to this year's Wordfringe festival, which runs throughout May, Wordfringe presents a series of extra performances and workshops during March. These events take place at venues across Aberdeenshire, and feature a variety of writers who are either based in the North-East or have strong connections to the area.

You can hear two linked poetry events on the same evening in and around Tarland, featuring Sheena Blackhall and Kenneth Steven, and join Ian Crockatt for the Aberdeenshire launch of his new collection of Viking poetry. There's a chance to take part in a renga workshop with Colin Will, and we invite Magi Gibson back to Aberdeenshire to give another of her popular writing workshops in Stonehaven.

The full programme for Wordfringe 2009 will be announced in March, and will be available at these events.

Colin Will
Sheena Blackhall

Gerard Rochford Kenneth Steven Douglas W. Gray

Wordfringe acknowledges the support of the following in making these events possible:

Philip Astor for making Migvie Church available.
Sera Irvine of Left Bank, Tarland.
Station Hotel, Stonehaven.
Huntly Writers and the Brander Library, Huntly.
Roger Goodyear and Anne McArthur of the Salmon Bothy, Portsoy.
Lisa Fraser, Gráinne Smith, Phyllis Goodall and Linda Smith for essential work behind the scenes.
Scottish Book Trust for funding the series.
Saskia Gibbon, Sheila Waterhouse and Marie Shaw of Aberdeenshire Council for continued support.

... and of course the writers:

Sheena Blackhall, Gerard Rochford, Kenneth Steven, Douglas W. Gray, Magi Gibson, Ian Crockatt and Colin Will.


IntroductionMigvieLeft BankWorkshopSkaldRengaDownloads

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