New Words 2014

Information for Promoters


New Words operates according to the network festival model, where a wide range of promoters contribute events to a centrally publicised programme.

The promoters are typically writers' groups, bookshops, publishers, arts organisations and venues throughout the area.

Overall coordination of the festival is taken care of by North East Writers, the literature development agency for Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire.

In some years we may have funds to assist with events or to put on additional events with North East Writers as promoter, but normally it is the responsibility of the promoter to secure funding for events.

This means that if you are a writer or a writer's agent with an idea for an event you will normally need to be in touch with a local organisation that might act as promoter for your event, or alternatively take on the role of promoter yourself.

If you send us a proposal for an event without indicating how you plan to cover the costs of the event it is unlikely that we will be able to follow it up.

This might be an appropriate point to remark that we have very limited resources to bring the festival to fruition, and this means we cannot always answer all the emails we receive. Apologies for this, but you can increase the chance of your email being read by making sure you send it to the appropriate address. Proposals for new events that are sent to the address for events that are already agreed, or to the address for managing our mailing list, are most likely to be overlooked. Giving the email an appropriate subject line helps too!

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