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Review: Thomas Enger

Burned — Pierced — Scarred


Friday 7 September 2012

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Aberdeen Central Library, Aberdeen [Map]

Thomas Enger

Thomas Enger is a new name in the world of crime fiction, particularly Scandinavian crime fiction. On 7 September 2012, the Oslo-born author of two published novels made his debut appearance in Aberdeen in front of a small but select audience at the Central Library.

Born in Oslo, Thomas Enger spent many years as a journalist while trying to fulfil his main ambition to become a published author. Like most writers starting out, his first few attempts to write a novel were poor, in part because he was writing about subjects he knew nothing about. Once he created the character of Henning Juul who was a journalist as he had been, things began to change and publishing houses took an interest. Now his first two novels Burned and Pierced have been published in the UK and a third novel will follow in 2013.

Thomas Enger

My first impression of Thomas Enger was that of a friendly guy who was quite happy to shake hands with his audience and find out who we are. He then went on to talk about his journey from journalist to crime author during which members of the audience fielded questions without being prompted to do so by the compere, John Smith. Mr Enger was accommodating and answered the questions put to him. By the end of the evening, another member of the audience asked for a reading so Mr Enger picked up a copy of Burned and read the first few pages which I thought were very atmospheric and will probably buy a copy of the novel for my Kindle. Once more there were no complaints from the author although he did comment that he would have to get used to reading his own words in English.

On the whole I was glad I had come to the event and met this new crime author who I hadn't previously heard of. I found his journey from that first attempt at writing a novel to publication fascinating and I feel he kept his audience interested throughout. I liked the informal feel of the evening and hope not only to hear more from Thomas Enger in the future but also that he becomes as big a name as Stieg Larsson and Jo Nesbø are in the world of Scandinavian literature.

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