New Words 2012

Three's Company

A selection of witty, heart-stirring and lyrical poems from three North-East poets


Thursday 6 September 2012
6.30pm – 8pm


Books and Beans, Aberdeen [Map]

Admission by donation

Gerard Rochford

Gerard Rochford was born in England, lived in Hong Kong, but has spent most of his life in Aberdeen, Scotland.

Recent collections include: Figures of Stone (Koo Press, Aberdeen, 2009), Failing Light, a handcrafted limited edition from Embers Handpress, 2010, and Of Love and Water (Koo Press / Malfranteaux Concepts, Aberdeen, 2011), a collaboration with David Ladmore, an artist from Victoria, B.C., Canada.

His next collection is planned to be a collaboration with Esther Green, a North-East artist.

Anthologies include: Erotica (Ascent Aspirations, Canada, 2008), Silver (Polygon, U.K., 2009) and Planet Earth Poetry Anthology (Leaf Press, B.C., Canada, 2012).

His poem My Father's Hand was included in Best 20 Scottish Poems of 2006 for the Scottish Poetry Library, selected by Janice Galloway.

He is the Makar (Laureate) for Scottish Review, to which he contributes a poem every month.

Keith Murray

Keith Murray believes that poetry should reflect historical events — big and small. He was born in 1960 and as far as he knows is still alive. He has published many chapbooks, including The Camel's Back (Koo Press), and his poems have appeared in The Herald, Leopard, and Pushing Out the Boat, among others. He runs a small poetry press, Malfranteaux Concepts.

Maureen Ross

Maureen Ross is from the North East of Scotland. Her poetry is published in various magazines and anthologies. A collection of poems Day Moth was published by Koo Press in 2006.

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