New Words 2014

Festival of New Writing in Aberdeen and North-East Scotland

5–30 September 2014

New Words is North-East Scotland's innovative festival exploring the spoken and written word in performance, with events taking place in venues in Aberdeen and towns and villages throughout Aberdeenshire.

This year's festival includes two Surround Sound events at and around the Bennachie Centre – an outdoor opera on the legend of the Maiden Stone by Joe Stollery and Catriona Yule, and a poetry walk and string quartet by Petra Vergunst. Haworth Hodgkinson gives a solo performance of words and music in Glenbuchat, and there are much-anticipated book launches from Ian Crockatt and Richie Brown. Kevin P. Gilday pays a return visit to Aberdeen to appear at a Per-Verse! spoken word night, and there are showcase celebrations of the online poetry phenomenon 52, as well as some of our local writing groups.

New Words 2014 is a little smaller than the festival has been in previous years. Some of our partner organisations have been unable to put on events this year due to funding and other constraints, but despite the difficulties a core of promoters expressed a determination to continue, and they have assembled a festival programme to be proud of. While the number of events may be reduced, we are sure the quality will be as high as ever. Prepare to be entertained, challenged and stimulated!

Most events are modestly priced – some are free – and we avoid clashing events so you can come to as many as you choose. Browse the Event Calendar, be adventurous, visit venues you have never been to before, and find out why those who have discovered the festival keep coming back for more!

Ian Crockatt

Catriona Yule

Joe Stollery

Kevin P. Gilday

Richie Brown

Mark Pithie

Haworth Hodgkinson

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