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Fit are ye haverin aboot?

Scots and Doric from Morag Skene and Linda Smith with singer Tom Dailly


Tuesday 21 September 2010
7pm – 9pm

Review by
Maureen Ross

Aberdeen Arts Centre, Aberdeen [Map]

Admission £5

Spring Tides Poetry Group hosts an evening of prose and poetry in Scots and Doric from the North East of Scotland with Morag Skene and Linda Smith, with guitarist and singer Tom Dailly.

Morag Skene

Morag Skene has done most artistic things once! She's had a story broadcast on BBC Radio Scotland, sung with a jazz band, written and directed one play, one panto and even played a dame — once. She's written a poem, survived a whole tap routine and a 13-minute monologue — but not at the same time!

Linda Smith

Linda Smith writes: ‘Retired noo an bidin in Kintore, far I hiv nae problem fillin ma days wi grandbairns, faimly an freens, stravaigin aboot the countryside an aywis the writin.’

Tom Dailly

Native to the Central Belt, musician Tom Dailly now lives in north Aberdeenshire where he is often taken for Glaswegian although, as any proper Weegie will point out, he sounds like he just came in from the sticks. Currently he plans to spend a lot more time in the garden.

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